Saturday, January 31, 2015


 Another new year. This will be a big one for us, as we have made the decision to move to Yakima this spring and start a construction company called Copper Hills Construction. Jared got the company officially started on 12/13/14.
 Mackayla is looking good wearing her new dress from her birthday. She was also looking good trying on an outfit my Grandma Davenport made me for me when I was her size.

 One of my favorite things is when the kids play with my hair. They come up with some pretty fabulous hairdos sometimes. 
We drew some tattoos on Jacobs stomach one night just because everyone needs one at some point.

 I love this cute little book club that I belong to. We spend lots of time checking out books at the library. 
This was a sad day because Jacob was sick AND I had to take down my Christmas tree.

 Caitlin and her new little friend at Old Navy. 
She was so proud of herself for stacking up all of these blocks.

 Helping Olaf to watch himself on the TV. 
Caitlin is playing with a doll that my grandma made me. We've been cleaning out closets and finding lots of treasures.

 Jared had to head down to Las Vegas for the week for the Home Builders Show. The kids and I went for a walk to enjoy this unusually nice January day. I gave them the freedom to pose however they wanted to for the second picture. :)

 I let the kids have a movie night, and they made a full nest to lay in. 
We were all ready for the big Seahawks championship game. I don't usually turn on a football game if Jared isn't even around, but it ended up being such an exciting game, that now we can't wait to see the Hawks in the Super Bowl!

 Cute little chocolate face!
We were cleaning out the dress up bin yesterday.

 Every week the kids wait patiently outside Mackayla's dance class while she is in there. 
Caitlin wanted an Elsa braid after her bath.

 Mackayla has always invited her Dad to the donuts dates at school, but since he was out of town I got to go to my first one. Jacob took this nice picture of us reading together.

 These kids sure missed their daddy, almost as much as I missed him. We're glad that week is over!
I'm glad I still have these two to run errands with during the day. 
Caitlin said, "I accidentally played in the mud!"

 The 100th day of school. Bradley made his 100 poster with 100 stars earlier that week. He was quite pleased with Jared's artistic abilities, while helping draw the mountains with him. These two pictures also show Bradley's hair before and after his haircut. His head looks so much smaller with all that fluffy hair cut off!!! :)

 Every time anyone mentions anything about the upcoming move, this poor girl's heart breaks again. She has never liked change, and this idea is just a lot for her to get use to.
 Super Bowl time!!

 Bradley and Mackayla reading their scriptures together while we got the little two into bed.
 It's so awful when your little babies are sick!

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