Saturday, April 30, 2016

April ~ Spring Break

 Even though we were leaving the next day for our spring break trip to Utah, we still had to take the time to have our April Fools day dinner. The Elders joined us for dinner that night, and were very good sports about it. Everyone had a lot of fun!

On the road! We left Saturday after Mackayla and Jacob had their first soccer games. We were all so excited for a visit back home to Utah. We stayed with the Nelsons. Papa and Nini were also there for the first couple of days. We got to enjoy Sunday's conference sessions together. On Monday we spent the afternoon at Temple Square, and visited the church history museum.

 I love this picture!
Tuesday and Wednesday we headed farther south. We drove by our old house, and hung out there at the playground for a little bit to visit with some friends.
We wanted to go see the new temple in Provo also.

We went to the Bean museum while we were in Provo. We were also able to go have dinner with some of Jared's old friends from Maglebys.
On Wednesday, we went swimming at the Legacy Center and then met up with Chelsea, and family, and Trevor at Del Taco. It was so good to see them and meet the new baby.

The kids were all in heaven, getting to spend time with their cousins. The boys loved that Max loved having them around. After we went home on Thursday, the boys kept talking about how sad Max must be now that they were gone.

Coming home from soccer practice one day.
Jared was going to pick up the kids one day after school, and I had texted him asking if he remembered. He sent this picture back as his response.
Spending a Sunday afternoon on the trampoline together. I love how much they love each other.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Caitlin turns 4

Our Beautiful Baby is Four!! Caitlin wanted a Paw Patrol birthday cake this year. She wanted all her dog figures on the cake, as well as Shimmer and Shine (genies from another Nick Jr show) on the top "pup-sitting". Her birthday was on a Tuesday, but we had a party on Sunday with all the cousins.

She wanted macaroni and cheese and watermelon for dinner
She gathered up all our stuffed dogs, and invited everyone else to bring their stuffed dogs to this dog party.

 I told Caitlin there were some special guests for her party, had her rub a little genie bottle, and watch who appeared. The Shimmer and Shine theme song came on, and the two genies came dancing in. I had asked April and Amy to play the part just a few minutes before. They were great sports and Caitlin loved it.

Time for cake

On Tuesday, her actual birthday, it was a hot day so she wanted to try out her new swim suit, the new sprinkler, and the water balloons that she had received for her birthday as soon as the kids got home from school. She wanted chicken wings for dinner that night, and then got to open a few more presents.

She helped me make this cake and frost it that day.
Caitlin at 4
Caitlin is never lacking for love or attention in this family. Everyone adores her, and she loves that. She loves all her siblings, and can't wait for them to get home from school every day. She's such a smart girl, and is always being funny. She keeps us laughing all day long. Her sister and brothers love to teach her new things. She starting to read a little, and is looking forward to preschool next year. She has loved being in primary this year at church. She loves playing house, playing in the little kitchen, and even enjoys a good light saber battle with her brothers. She loves to pretend to be a kitty, a doggy, or a baby, and switches around between each of those very quickly. She loves jumping on the trampoline, rubbing Mommy's arms, and being tickled by Daddy. She loves her screen time and always wants more than she is allowed. She likes to stay home with Grandma in the mornings while I take the kids to school and get in a quick episode of Paw Patrol. She likes to think she is the one in charge around here, and is good at telling the others what to do. She knows all about good manners and is a strict enforcer of them. She is always telling us to get our elbows off the table or not to interrupt. Everywhere we go, everyone comments on her beautiful curly hair. She always lights up the room and makes everyone happy. We are so blessed to have her! She couldn't possibly be loved any more than she is! Happy Birthday Caitlin!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

March~ Easter

This is a great moment for me. Both of the boys wanted to play with my hair. :) The kids all know that this is the best way to get to stay up a few (or 30) minutes longer at night.
On St Patrick's Day we had our scavenger hunt. The kids found the pot of gold at the end, and then we had a nice green pancakes dinner. The kids were so careful to go to bed with green on the night before so they would be safe when they woke up. :)

In March the HBA held an event called Dozer Days. The kids got to help drive all kinds of construction machinery. They had so much fun.

Blowing some bubbles on a beautiful spring afternoon.
The Holts came over on Saturday of Easter weekend for an egg hunt. Grandma and Heather filled lots of eggs with candy for the kids.

Easter baskets

I didn't get a picture of the kids coloring eggs on Saturday but here are the eggs ready to eat on Easter morning.
The best we could do for an Easter picture this year.

Jared has always loved napping with our babies. Caitlin pretty much never takes a nap anymore, so this was a very rare treat when she fell asleep.
Mackayla made these festive carrot-utensils display.
Bradley got to participate in his first pinewood derby at the end of the month. He and Jared worked together making the car. I've been helping in Cub Scouts this year and got to head up the pinewood derby, so this was a big family event. Bradley earned his Bobcat award and got to put a pin on my shirt. His car came in third place, and he was very pleased. Good job Bradley!